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Western Cape, Afrique du Sud

Sxuirrel is a marketplace that connects individuals looking for storage or parking space, to those with available, unused space. Think Airbnb, but for storage & parking.

320.000 €


32.000 €

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DMC Multi-Currency Wallet


The DMC App was developed by the DéMars team. DéMars is focussed on enabling instant cross border micropayments within and to Africa. Primarily for inter-African migrants and the diaspora.

440.000 €


64 €

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Affordable Mobile Apps

Gauteng, Afrique du Sud

To provide quality Android & iOS native mobile apps for SA SMME's, at affordable prices. Hosted and supported locally for speed and confidence! We will be the first to offer app building and management in local languages (Xhosa, Zulu & Afrikaans).

110.000 €


9.600 €

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