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9.000€ - 92.000€

location_on Zurich, Suisse


Domaines d'Expertise


1€ - 100.000€

location_on Dublin, Irlande

I am a Merchant and POS Account Manager at PayPal

Domaines d'Expertise

Financial and entrepreneurial background

600€ - 63.000€

location_on , Inde

Result proven professional with over 2 years of experience in the areas of Trade Marketing, and Channel Marketing and now 2 years of experience in han...

Domaines d'Expertise

Exposure in charting out marketing strategies...

63.000€ - 631.000€

location_on Mumbai, Inde

I have my own companies in India and Germany manufacturing steel flanges for the oil/gas and chemical industries.

Domaines d'Expertise

Finance and organizational management

600€ - 6.000€

location_on Sydney, Australie

Project Management & Business Development

Domaines d'Expertise


100€ - 3.000€

location_on Oxford, Royaume-Uni

Company Owner

Domaines d'Expertise

Financial input and start-up advice.

12.000€ - 117.000€

location_on Nottingham, Royaume-Uni

Techical/R&D director of multiple internet companies, Founder of UK ISP

Domaines d'Expertise


100€ - 3.000€

location_on Adelaide, Australie

Former CEO of $500M+ companies in USA, UK and Australia. Currently advising a number of Boards on strategic direction and management structure.

Domaines d'Expertise

Strategy planning and execution, consumer bra...

300€ - 900€

location_on Corrientes, Argentine

Bancario - Tesis de Lic en Adm en proceso

Domaines d'Expertise

Management y Organización

6.000€ - 5.830.000€

location_on London, Royaume-Uni

I worked as a scientist in the field of translational medicine before starting working with Chinese investors to find suitable projects in the UK and ...

Domaines d'Expertise

My main areas of expertise include biotechnol...

50€ - 5.000€

location_on Hamburg, Allemagne

Engineer and Consultant

Domaines d'Expertise

Maritime business

1.000€ - 58.000€

location_on Cookham, Royaume-Uni

Experienced General Manager with blue chip companies for over 20 years. No working as an Executive Coach and establishing a high end cycling based ev...

Domaines d'Expertise

My main areas of expertise are management dev...

1€ - 45.000€

location_on Dubai, Émirats arabes unis

I am a hard-working visionary dedicated to developing new and innovative solutions to complex problems. I am a strategic thinker who can appreciate th...

Domaines d'Expertise

Specialities: Project Analysis and Research, ...

6.000€ - 19.000€

location_on Terrigal, Australie

I worked in Warehousing, Transport and Logistics for 10+ years, Currently involved in a Network Marketing company.

Domaines d'Expertise

Social Media

7€ - 133.000€

location_on Sandweiler, Luxembourg

I am an entrepreneur and banking consultant. More than 10 years consulting experience in Business Consultancy / Analysis and Project Management in th...

Domaines d'Expertise

Excellent knowledge of core banking products ...

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