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Fundraising Courses

The four fundraising courses below take you through every stage of the fundraising journey. With our stage-by-stage guidance you'll go from clueless to securing investor funding for your business project in no time closing deals in no time. The final two sections are fundraising repositories of useful tools and resources to make your job as easy as possible.

Investor Courses

An introduction to Angel Investing

Looking to fundraise or get investing?

Angel Investment Network is an investment platform used by the worlds leading investors and entrepreneurs. Add projects and start fundraising or choose from hundreds of projects and get investing.

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The Startup Microdose Podcast

Want to learn the secrets to raising capital and growing a successful business? Tune in to these interviews with leading founders and CEO’s. Hosted by Ed and Olly from Angel Investment Network’s management team. View latest episodes below or visit for more…

Company Formation

Rupert Hunt, Founder SpareRoom - How to Make or Break a Flatshare

Rupert is the founder of Spareroom which he started in 1999. He had moved to London seeking fame and fortune as a musician with the best band name of all time. But the biggest struggle he faced was finding somewhere great to live. He is one of the seminal...

Company Formation

Dr Jack Kreindler, Founder CHHP - Optimising Entrepreneurial Health & Performance

Jack is the founder of the Centre for Human Health and Performance on Harley Street in London. Formally trained as a doctor but not constrained by it, Jack vexed his superiors by persistently dabbling in ‘silly computer stuff’ and spending time with ...

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